Site Director

Working the way you do

Custom Solutions

If you are looking for an enterprise class content management and e-Commerce system, then look no further than Site Director (SD).
So what makes SD unique, after all we are spoilt for choice. The difference is that MindVision Interactive has developed SD in house. It is not an open source package that we use under licence and customise to the customer’s needs. Being our product means that we have full control and we can map SD to ANY process in your business.
So while a standard solution may meet 80% of your needs, what about the other 20%. How critical are those to your business.
Choosing to use SD means that you do not have to compromise your operation.


The other great thing about SD is how easy it is to use. You can teach your staff to use the system in about half an hour, and be an expert in a week.
This and still have all the flexibility you could ever want.

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  • Access your content and manage your site from any computer anywhere in the world
  • Different page types for different content
  • Custom templates that ensure your content is formatted consistently across your site
  • Secure content areas where you must log in for access
  • Multiple content authors each with different privileges
  • Site wide SMART Searching that can include text in binary files such as PDF’s
  • Built in tracking of visitors, where did they come from and what did they look at
  • Fully featured product catalogue with shopping cart facility
  • Track and manage customer enquiries or on-line questionnaires
  • Ability to create automatic index pages of site or site content
  • Drag and drop interface for site management
  • Pictures resized automatically. Only upload one picture and it will be automatically optimised for whatever size your template requires