Site Director

Working the way you do

This list gives you an idea of what Site Director is capable of. Features are not available for all installations of Site Director, but are selected depending on your requirement. In addition to this any feature can be modified to work the way you do giving you TOTAL control.


Enterprise Content Management

In-House Maintenance of your site and site content through an easy to use web interface. No need to use 3rd party layout software.

What this means for you

Websites today are dynamic. The public expect content to be right up to date. This means that there is no time to send changes to a software company and wait a week or so for them to be implemented. Make changes when they suit your business. From any computer at any time.

Content publishing as a Team

A successful corporate website is often managed by more than one person. Site Director caters for multiple site administrators to work collaboratively.

what this means for you

You can have different people controlling different content. For example, a sales person for product and pricing, an admin person for policies.

This also helps to mitigate the risk of having the “how to” knowledge with a single person.


Forums can be created and managed automatically from within Site Director. These can be divided by industry topic or project, and are searchable adding more value to your members.

Forum access can be further controlled by security level. This means that the public can have restricted or minimal access to forums. Members can have unlimited access or access based on their membership level.

What this means for me

Forums are useful if you need to create a community for ideas on various topics. This can help your organisation in a number of ways.

  • A place for staff for the discussion of internal issues
  • A place for customers to discuss your products. These technical forums are very useful for customers not only to discuss issues with using your products, but also to tell others what they think. This is a valuable resource for prospective clients thinking about a purchase, and also to your sales team by picking up customer issues quickly and honing your marketing message.
  • Forums are useful to driving traffic to your site, and act as an incentive to increasing membership by offering access to restricted forums.


Fully implemented e-Commerce solution, Products, Product Groups, Departments, Shopping Cart, Integration with payment gateways, and full reporting.
Establish an on-line store and have it work the way you want.

What this means for me

Integrate your on-line store with your accounting and inventory system for a full solution

Market Driven e-Commerce

Set up sales campaigns by product or department
Create coupons either manually or automatically on the rules YOU want.
Trigger customer e-Mails automatically when certain conditions are met. Eg sales volume, time since last order

What this means for you

Manage your on-line store as you would a real store. Trial new products easily. Run sales to suit the market. Keep in touch with your customers.

Direct Document Access

Access to pages directly via easy to understand URL’s. If this is to restricted content, visitor needs to log in to gain access.

Sometimes it is useful to share a web page with someone else. Such a feature is useful when users want to share a document with their colleagues as well as allowing editorial copy to clearly reference a specific document.
Using simple and friendly URLs, Site Director makes this easy – even if the page is actually a PDF document Of course, normal security still applies. If a user is not logged in when going to a direct URL, the login screen will appear first and then they will be taken to the requested page.

What this means for me

This is useful if you want to share a web page. The URL will take you directly to the content and is in plain English so that your user has an indication of where the link is taking you.

For example the URL would be /, instead of the internal reference of /

The link may also take you directly to a document such as a picture, multimedia file or any other document.

Secure Content

Site Director allows secure content to be published with access controlled by security level. Security Level 0 means that the public can view the page. Pages with security levels 1 through 9 are only available to members with an equal or higher membership level.

What this means for you

  • Easily control what your visitors can see.
  • Public area for company information
  • Restricted access for staff policies and procedures
  • Restricted access for member information
  • Drive membership by offering access to restricted content

Page Types

Site Director has many page types whose behaviour is customised for specific content. Apart from the basic text page some others include: Image Galleries, Blogs, Forms, Binaries, Indexes, Products, Lists and Links.

What this means for you

Makes it easy to manage different types of content without being a programmer. You just select the right page type for your content, and Site Director will do the rest. eg Use Image Gallery if you want to create a page of images. Simply link the photos to the page and SD will automatically display them correctly.

Page Templates

Page templates are used within Site Director to ensure that content is automatically formatted to the corporate theme of your site. There can be an unlimited number of templates, which are custom created by MindVision’s professional designers.

What this means for you

Templates maintain the look of your site regardless of who is entering data. Users are locked into the formatting option for that template, and can only access the fonts and styles that are defined by your template.

Automated Image Manipulation

Images are uploaded at the original size and are only formatted and automatically resized when displayed.

What this means for you

Easier to upload images without having to resize and site content administrators do not have to learn how to use graphics manipulation software. This approach enforces consistency in publishing no matter who (or how many) is doing it.

Automated compression routines optimise the file size for fast page download giving your users a better experience.

Indexable PDF Content

With Site Director it is possible to index not only the site content, but also the content of any attached PDF files.

Note: PDF’s that have been created by scanning cannot be indexed unless Optical Character Recognition software is first used to convert the image to text, and then saved as a PDF file.

What this means for me

Visitors can easily find products and information on your site. This results in more sales and a better customer experience

Member Management

Site Director allows members to register on-line for immediate access to restricted content and services.

Member Registrations that require payment for activation can automatically be handled

Once registered members can maintain their own account and member profile.

What this means for me

No maintenance required for members and accounts

Subscribe to Content

When content is classified as “Subscribable”, members are able to subscribe to all or part of this content.

Whenever new content is added to a subscribed area of interest, Members are automatically sent an email courtesy advice with a convenient link in the email directly to the page(s) of interest. Advices can be sent daily or weekly and can be managed by the member profile  

What this means to me

Ability to advise staff and customers when new content is added to your site in their area of interest

Search Engine Friendly

Full control of keywords and metadata

What this means for me

With a properly optimised web site, you are more likely to appear in the results of search queries for your goods and services. This translates to more sales and opportunities.