Site Director

Working the way you do

This is a quick tour of Site Director to introduce you to the interface, and show how easy it is to get started and to use. Remember Site Director is the foundation, but MindVision can customise it to work and behave the way that you want.

Setting Up Your Site

This is incredibly easy. Select New Page from the content manager, choose the type of page you want, and save.

Organising Your Site

Once you have created your page, simply drag and drop it anywhere in the hierarchy. Your page hierarchy can also determine if a menu is created. The graphic shell determines how it will be displayed.

 Adding Content

After selecting the page and entering the edit mode you will be presented with a screen that looks very similar to a word-processer. You can enter your text, change the style, size, and colour of fonts, add pictures, tables, and links.

Maintaining your Theme

One of the problems with any content management system is maintaining consistency across your site. Site Director makes this easy by restricting text selection to a predetermined number of styles.
In addition to styles we can also create custom templates that you can use in any page. This allows standardisation of more complex elements such as the number of columns, borders and shading, and behaviour of special elements such as graphics.


 Managing Pictures

You only have to upload your pictures once and Site Director will manage the resizing of your image as the browser requests your page. This means that you do not have to worry about resizing the image for thumbnails, detail or page.
This behaviour is managed by the picture link manager.

Managing Products

Products have their own database. First you create as many products as you need and in whatever product hierarchy that you require. Products can also belong to departments.
The advantage of using departments is that you can control pricing and discounts separately from the product. Another advantage is that products can belong to multiple departments, further increasing your marketing flexibility .

Remember what you see here is just a start. We understand that your products may be different. They may require different pricing structures, additional fields, or perhaps need different relationships with other products. The great thing about Site Director is that you do not have to paint yourself into a corner. We can make site director work the way you do.


Another big advantage of an enterprise grade solution is reporting. Site Director contains a comprehensive list of reports from products, sales, and orders, to visitor and enquiries. In the rare instance that a report you require is not available, we can create a custom report to present the data exactly as you require.
Most reports can also be exported as PDF or CSV files so that they can be used in other systems and presentations.

Manage Users

Site Director gives you the flexibility of being able to create any number of users, each with specific access to content. Having the ability to assign responsibility for specific content, not only improves security, but also the quality and usefulness of your site.